3 Killer Tips That Will Make Your Website Design Go Smoothly

Top Website Design Tips That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Site
December 10, 2017

3 Killer Tips That Will Make Your Website Design Go Smoothly

We all want to have a website that is wonderfully designed, but yet it is so hard to actually achieve that. That raises the question, what makes a great designer and how are they able to achieve such wonderful sites without much effort?

The Fundamental Foundation to Site Design
The key to a good website design is to remember that ultimately, the web is just a huge bunch of text. This is something that you really do need to embrace, so try and use larger fonts for your headlines and for the body text try and make sure that you maximise legibility. Of course, you need to also make the font size bigger than what you think you’ll need as well.

Your fonts should be easy to read and you may want to choose something a bit whimsical as well. This will help you to stand out from the crowd and it will also help you to connect with your viewers.

Three Colors
The next thing for you to do would be for you to pick three colors and stick with them. When it comes to your colors, make sure that you are consistent. Natural colors are great because they can be paired with strong accents. It’s always a good idea for you to be inspired by other sites because this way you can find out what works and what doesn’t.

Remember that the website that you have will look pixelated if you do not have an image big enough on your header so always go bigger than what you think you’ll need. It also helps to match your images in with your three color scheme as well.

Give Space
The most important design tip you could possibly take advantage of is the fact that all websites need space. If you overcrowd your site then this will only lead to bad things happening in the future. For this reason, you need to focus on what you really want on your site as opposed to overwhelming your users with blocks and blocks of text.

Too much text can be incredibly daunting and it can really cause issues for you at a later date. For this reason, you need to make sure that you give plenty of room to your design and keep the text that you have to a minimal. If you want to add more text then add it to your blog section. It’s a great way to target SEO.

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