Best Tips For Recruiting For Hotels

If you are the owner of a hotel, or at least the manager, you are responsible for placing the best people at your hotel to serve your patrons. Hospitality jobs are always available, and there are many people that have degrees in certain areas, allowing you to gain access to only the best potential candidates. Recruiting for hotels is something that is done all the time by companies such as New hotels open up, and there are also going to be times when people are fired. Therefore, whether you are a manager looking for quality workers, or if you are in the hospitality industry looking for a job, here is an overview of how this recruitment process works.

Job Titles And Descriptions For Those In The Hospitality Industry 

Hotels are often divided up into a couple different sections. First of all, there are those that are in the hotel management area. They are responsible for the overall functionality of the hotel as a single entity with multiple workers that are doing their portion. Event planning can also be associated with hotels, primarily because they will often have large conference rooms that are rented out. Food operations is another segment as this will pertain to food that is served to people staying at the hotel, as well as those that will be renting conference rooms for gatherings where people will be fed. Finally, there is the front of the housing segment of the hotel, and this refers to the individuals that will interact with people that will be staying there. All four of these sections of a hotel will each have very specific types of workers.

How Does The Hotel Recruiting Process Work? 

The first thing that a manager will do at a hotel, or the person that is responsible for recruiting workers, is to tackle each one of these sections independently. For example, if they are trying to find people that have degrees in hotel management, they will try to fill positions for hotel general manager, group sales, or a spa manager if you have one of those available. Next, they will then try to recruit people for event planning which could be the event planning manager, the wedding coordinator, and those that are responsible for each individual event. Food operations jobs will include the executive chef, the cooks that will work under the chef, and the individual responsible for beverages. The most comprehensive recruitment typically occurs with the vast majority of the jobs which are related to the front of the house operations. This includes the front desk, concierge services, and the bellhop’s that will help all of the guests get to their rooms. To do this, they will connect with a website where those in the hospitality field will list their resumes. They can then go through each one independently. Others will use companies that have already done the evaluations for you, and will actually send you the best candidates for each job that you have an opening for at your hotel.

How To Get The Best Workers Every Time 

When recruiting for hotels, the objective is to always fill each position with the best workers for their particular level of expertise. If you start with event planners, for instance, you will then look at the different resumes for people that are applying for these types of jobs. If you do get to work with a company that is evaluating all of the potential candidates for you, you could literally hire someone every day based upon their recommendations. This will allow you to obtain the best workers every time for every position that is open, and do so on a continual basis. Of course, if you have chosen wisely, you will have fewer openings, and that really is the objective. By using your own instincts, as well as help from these companies that can pick and choose candidates for you, you will soon have a hotel that is only operated by workers that know what they are doing.

How Long Does This Process Last? 

If you have ever done this before, you know that there is never a day where you are not doing some form of recruitment. The way that you recruit these potential workers can differ depending upon your training. One method has already been mentioned which involves going through individual resumes, and you can also use the companies that will help you do the evaluations. However, you may also want to consider using the Internet to your advantage. There are many hotel managers or those that are in charge of recruiting for hotels, that will use PPC ads , search engine optimization, and even social media to attract the right people. What they will do has come to a page where they can enter in their personal information. You will also allow them to submit their resume if that is something that you would like to look at initially. By having this out there, you can quickly build your own database of potential candidates, people that you can quickly contact if the person that you have chosen does not work out.

Are There Many Jobs Open For Hotel Recruiters 

What is unique about this position is that it actually pays a lot of money. Those that do this have likely been hotel managers in the past. They are well aware of all of the positions associated with running a hotel. Therefore, they will have what could be decades of experience in choosing the right employees. Some of these people make six figures, depending upon their position, and the hotel chain that they are working for. If you are looking for a good position in the hospitality industry, Hotel recruiters are certainly one of the best.

Now that you have this overview of the recruiting for hotels process, you will know how to go about obtaining good employees. If you are a person looking for work in the hospitality industry, you now also know how the process works. You can use this to your advantage, and potentially land a lucrative job at a hotel. You also know that those that do hotel recruiting for every position can make a lot of money by using their expertise in running or managing hotels.