Top Website Design Tips That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Site

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December 10, 2017
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Top Website Design Tips That Will Help You Get the Most Out of Your Site

When it comes to creating websites, whether it is for yourself or even for your clients, you need to make sure you do everything you can to get the best result out of your site. It’s a good idea to keep your site looking as modern and as fresh as possible. When you do this, you’ll find that you’ll get a better result out of your conversion rate and even out of your search engine as well.

Style Guides
Style guides are incredibly popular. They come in the form of large books or even documents and they allow you to follow a uniform style as you are creating your site. Website designers often create their own style guides as they go through and they are also incredibly useful for designers who like to work with other freelancers as well. If you have a style guide then this gives you the chance to keep the team on the same page when it comes to its design and even the way that it is planned out.

Your Sidebars
Sidebars really do create clutter. They were meant to try and improve the usability of the site and they do this by creating navigational elements. This includes links to recent posts and even popular content. Try and phase out your sidebars and this is especially the case if your site doesn’t need one. Make the most out of the elements that you have on your page and try and focus on what your site has to offer. If you don’t want to abandon your sidebar then find a theme that gives you the option of publishing your content full-width while also taking advantage of a more traditional layout.

It’s a good idea for you to design your website outside of the code editor. If you need to get the best result out of your design then try and take your pencil to paper or even use a whiteboard. It helps to make sure that you are planning out where the elements are going to go just like an architect designs a building.

Larger Fonts
It helps to have larger fonts. When you have fonts that are bigger, this will help your users find their way around your site and it also helps them to find out where they need to go as well. Of course, when the time does come for you to design your site you need to account for the top menu bar. If you have a bigger font here then you may need to have a wider bar and this could mess with the design that you have.

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